Miranda and Dave separated, at the beginning of 2009, Miranda is very much a part of the history of this website, we have left references to her as they have fallen. Maus has gone to live with Miranda and Dan. Alice now lives with a wonderful family on a large block, where she can chase the birds to her hearts content.


Miranda is a midwife, based in Helensville, just north of Auckland. Outside of the many rewards, it can be a stressful profession and times like these beside the Mirror Tarn, north of Karamea, are precious indeed. Miranda is on the Auckland Review Committee for the College of Midwives, she is founder President of Parent Aid Kaipara, and on the board of the local Women's Resource Centre. And when she can find the time, a sculptor and painter. One of her pieces welcomes new mothers to the Helensville Birthing Centre.

Babe (RIP)

Babe is a ten year old English Bull Terrier, who spends much of her time these days asleep under my bed until she hears me (a) eating, or (b) putting my tramping boots on. She is an important element in the landscape in many of the walkways pictures. Bull terriers have a very thick skull and for this to happen, some sacrifices have been necessary with respect to brain size. But emotionally, if not intellectually, she is a complete package.

Friday 5 May 2006. We took Babe to the vet this morning for the last time.

A couple of weeks ago, it was obvious something was seriously wrong. She'd eaten hardly anything for almost a week. In hindsight she'd been slowing down for much of the last year and no longer came with us on the really long walks, and spent much of the time asleep beneath my bed, but not eating was simply not Babe.

The vet confirmed our suspicions, and gave us a course of steroids for her. It cheered her up enough to begin eating again, and wandering around the house, and we took her for a wonderful walk on the beach at Rimmers, just twenty minutes, though, this time, and she brought sticks for us to throw and she chased them at half speed with a kind of lurch, and we cried a bit for all the other times we've been out with her and shared that coast.

Day before yesterday, a growth began to appear on her throat, and she whimpered when I eased her head back to feed her a pill. By the end of the day the growth was half the size of my fist and by next morning it had doubled in size. She could still walk, and drink and she still managed to snare a scrap or two of food from the floor beside the fridge but it was pretty obvious she was getting near the end. Yesterday we went on a bit of a drive round the places we'd walked in, and she was still interested and alert,but much much slower in her movement. This morning the growth was so big she had difficulty moving her jaw, so we decided it was time.

Alice (short for Alice Pee, not, as was at first thought, Alice Dee. She was born on 19th April, Bicycle Day.)

Alice is a twelve week old standard schnauzer. I imagined I might have a long wait before a new pup was available, so I set matters in train about a month after Babe died. The second phonecall I made found a breeder with a puppy available in early June. It was all a bit fast, but we decided to go with events, and we have a new and hyperactive family member marking her territory and bringing a slow and agonising death to toilet rolls.


Mous (short for Anonymous) is, strictly speaking, Charlie's cat. The term underdog was coined with her in mind, and that's generally where she can be found. She is far more tolerant of Alice than I am, and even goes looking for her if she has been too long unmolested. I am told this is characteristic of abused cats, and that she is probably suffering from abused cats syndrome. As she grew up originally in Charlie's flat with a bunch of westies, this is at least possible, but life is not without it's inspiring moments.


I'm Dave. I'm a kinesiologist and trigger point therapist. I work with chronic muscle pain, chiefly with clients who have tried everything else first, and I still manage a successful hit-rate around 40%. I have served on the national executive committees of the NZ Charter of Health Practitioners, the NZ Touch for Health Association and the Kinesiology Association of New Zealand. I was a founder member of and served for many years on the Kinesiology Practitioners Accreditation Board. I am a full healer member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (N.Z.)

I have an ancient MA (Hons) degree in English, and a background long ago in English and Maths teaching. For seventeen years I was a potter making domestic stoneware.

I'm home base for Miranda's midwifery practice, cook, gardener, phone answerer, doggy-doo remover, and so on.

Nearly 30 years ago, I was gifted an experience which changed completely the way I perceived the world around me, and which behind everything else is the occasion for this website. The biggest difficulty associated with this experience, in the days before the internet, was finding information about it.

It was there, all right, if you knew where to look, but I was like the guy who couldn't look up a word in the dictionary because he didn't know what the word was to start with, let alone how to spell it. The Church itself, oddly enough, was one of the last places it occurred to me to look, and with reason. Mysticism has been, explicitly, a very small part of the public face of religion, which, by and large, seems to me to be more concerned with the kingdom of good than the kingdom of God.

As time passes, information from outside has become less important as the familiarity of the experience itself has come to provide its own meaning, but in the beginning it was important to have maps, to know I wasn't crazy, that people, some wonderful people, had been to this place before me, and enriched the world with their presence. I have placed resources from some of these on the website.

Who is Da Avad Wudhi?

Years ago, I was living in an intentional community in which a number of the members became intensely involved in the teachings of Franklin Jones, also known as Bubba Free John, Da Free John, Da Love Ananda, Da Avabhasa, Da Avad Huta, Adi Da, and, most recently, Adi Da Samraj; his habit being to adopt a fresh name whenever the level of his spiritual insight shifted markedly.

About the time of the Da Avad Huta period, Dave Woody, responding to deep internal prompting, split his T shirt and emerged from his christalis as Da Avad Wudhi, thus marking a shift in the level of his own insight, and began taking the piss out of the more heavily spiritual (and self-serving) pronouncements on the noticeboard.

[There is much in Adi Da's writing, especially his earlier work, which repays close study, but he has become insufferably precious, some have even said megalomaniac, in his advanced years. The same has also been said of Da Avad Wudhi.

(See also, Adi Da Spits the Dummy)]



Dave's Dance

Dave's Dance with cancer ended in February 2012, he is still greatly missed. We will continue to run this site in honour of his memory.

Please note that the information on this site is no longer being amended or updated and is "as is"


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