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If you are drinking fluoridated water, or if your local council is proposing to add fluoride to your present water supply, this site contains information you need to know.

Lets start here.

Fluoride is highly poisonous

Fluoride is more toxic than lead, and slightly less toxic than arsenic.
(Source: Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products LD50 data (1984)

In the USA, the MAXIMUM level of lead permitted in water is 1 part in
67 000 000.

The MAXIMUM level of arsenic permitted in water is
1 part in
100 000 000.


Fluoride is typically added to water at 1 part in
1 000 000

Fluoride is typically added to toothpaste at 1 part in 1000

How Come?

Have we got your attention yet?

The EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) has a concept known as a "reference dose" which is the amount of a substance that can be consumed long term without harm. EPA scientists applied this concept to fluoride, and came up with a figure of


per kg bodyweight, per day.

For a 100kg adult (Momma Cass size, 220lbs or 15.7 stone) this amounts to 0.0007mg per day. (Fluoridated water delivers 1mg per day for each litre of water you drink.)

On the strength of this they requested that all water supplied to staff for drinking be unfluoridated.

This site contains articles I wrote for the house journal of the NZ Charter of Health Practitioners, together with a broad overview of fluoridation issues.

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