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Dave is dumb. He's read the bit that says the most easily visible area for dogs is about 30-40 cm off the ground but he still waves the lead around about shoulder height - his shoulder - when he wants me to take him for a walk. I indulge him because he can open the fridge and I can't, but I wish he'd use some of the stuff he reads.

One thing I never really realised was how many other dogs there are around and how big some of them are. I'm actually a little ashamed, looking back. When we met the first few dogs out walking I jumped into Dave's arms.

Well, I ask you...... I wonder how much longer those concrete blocks will stop them.

I'm still not all that sure about answering back, as some of the language is, to be frank, quite unladylike. I compromise now by saying nothing and speeding up a bit to get out of the area as fast as I can with dignity.

Dave's leg is better than it has been but he still likes to rest a bit before crossing the road. So we do a whole lot of STOP, SIT and WAIT stuff.

I learned all that at meal times over the last couple of weeks, so it's not a big deal. If he needs the rest, he needs the rest. Sometimes, though it gets beyond a joke. There's no reason at all to stop. It's just a power trip.

I wish he'd be a bit more understanding, too, when I want to stop and sniff power poles and letter boxes and stuff. Rubbish bins are the best. Do you think I can get him to understand this?

He does have considerable trouble with power poles. He pays absolutely no attention to where I am and I have to go past them on the same side as him or risk getting my neck jerked. I get my own back by dropping back behind him and then coming up alongside him on the other side, crossing in front and repeating, and pipes are just a gift.



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