The Theory of Existence and Knowledge

W.T. Stace

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0. Preface

1. Knowledge as Value

2. Back to Descartes

3. The Given and Concepts of the Given

4. The World of Solitary Mind

5. The Construction of an External World

6. Fact, Construction, and Hypothesis

7.The Discovery of Other Minds

8. Space and Time

9. Concepts of Things

10. Mathematical Knowledge

11. Categorical Knowledge

12. Logical Knowledge

13. Scientific Knowledge

14. Truth and Error

15. Conclusion

16. Index




W.T. Stace: Mysticism and Philosophy

W.T. Stace: Religion and the Modern Mind

W.T. Stace: Theory of Existence and Knowledge

The problem of evil assumes the existence of a world-purpose. What, we are really asking, is the purpose of suffering? It seems purposeless. Our question of the why of evil assumes the view that the world has a purpose, and what we want to know is how suffering fits into and advances this purpose. The modern view is that suffering has no purpose because nothing that happens has any purpose: the world is run by causes, not by purposes.
         ... W. T. Stace, Religion and the Modern Mind