The Miracles of Our Lady Saint Mary

Brought Out of Divers Tongues and Newly Set Forth in English

Evelyn Underhill



"...As a mother evokes in her children at once the simplest, most intimate confidence and also the most exalted emotion: as they come to her, with no sense of incongruity, in their most trivial necessities no less than in the most sacred moments of their lives, so "Goddes Moder and oures" received from those who were in every sense her children, simple and familiar friendship, mystical adoration, and unfailing trust.  To drag back this sentiment and its literary expression from the shadow-land to which it has retreated is, therefore, the aim of this book...." EU

This is scarcely one of EU's major works, but worth a read nevertheless for the insight it gives into an earlier age—the easy anti-Semitism of Gaude Maria for example.

It exists on the internet in a variety of ebook formats, most of them missing sections of text and scanned so abysmally that reading any of them constitutes a major challenge to even the keenest EU enthusiast. I have compiled from several sources a text version that is as accurate as I can make it. DCW




And First The Prologue

The Chaplet of Roses

And herein of a young religious, that by his devotion did crown the Virgin Mary every day

The Heavenly Vesture

Here we tell of a Bishop that said Mass in his church before Saint Mary and her meinie; to whom the said Lady did give a noble vestment.

Gaude Maria

How wicked men took a little boy, because he sang the Respond of Our Lady very sweetly; and how God's Mother did preserve him.

Bread of Angels

Here we tell how a certain novice was an hungered and Our Lady gave him meat.

The Knight of the Costrel

Of a great lord that might not accomplish the penance he had, and how Saint Mary helped him.

The Window of Paradise

Here we tell how a certain sacristan had great comfort of Our Lady because of these words: Coeli fenestra facta es.

Stella Maris

Here are told certain fair miracles that Our Lady Saint Mary did upon the sea.

The Eyes of the Blind

The miracle of a gentlewoman to whom God's Mother did restore the sight of her eyes.

The Little Clerk

Here we tell how the child of a poor woman gave his cake to Our Lady's Child.

The Christian's Surety

How a Christian of Byzance did borrow from a Jew, and gave Our Lord to be his pledge.

Our Lady of the Tournament

Here we tell the history of the Blessed Walter of Birbech and how the Virgin Mary honoured him in the lists.

The Virgin's Bridegroom

And herein the history of a certain child that betrothed himself to the image of Our Lady.

The Lily

Of a knight that was monk of Citeau; the which could learn no Latin save the words, Ave Maria

The Minstrel of Roc Amadour

How he made music for Madame Saint Mary's sake, and had therefrom exceeding sweet reward.

The Vigils of the Dead

Here be told the history of a certain noble virgin that said every day the Hours of Our Lady, and once a week the Vigils of the Dead.

The Child Vowed to the Devil

Of a little boy, that was dedicate to the Devil at the hour of his birth; and how the Virgin Mary saved him.

Sponsae Christi

Here we tell how Our Lady doth cherish her daughters in religion, that are betrothed to be the brides of her dear Son.

The Hostage

How a poor woman that was a widow did take from God's Mother her Child, for her own that was condemned to be hanged.

Our Lady of the Lintel

And herein of a monk that was a painter, the which painted the Devil as foully as he knew how.

Saint Mary's Scholar

How he did serve his glorious Mistress; and of the reward that she gave him.

The Celestial Medicine

Here tell we the history of a certain brother that was converted from the practice of pharmacy to that of religion by Our Lady's grace.

The Dove That Returned

How a certain clerk devoted to the Virgin Mary invoked the Devil in necromancy, that he might gain a bride thereby.

Saint Thomas of Canterbury

Herein are told certain favours that Our Lady did for this lover of hers, and also the history of the Priest that knew but one Mass.

The Divine Encounter

Of a young gentlewoman that was accustomed to incite the little children to say Ave Maria and how God appeared to her in the form of a little child.

The Church That is in Egypt

Here we tell how the most holy Virgin appeared to the Archbishop Theophilus, and instructed him concerning the journey that she took into Egypt with her Son.





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by Charles Williams


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