Adi Da Spits the Dummy

This is about as funny/sad as it gets. I have an enormous fondness and regard for Adi Da. After all, it was his earlier manifestation, Da Avad Huta, that called me into being in the first place.

For this god to realise that for fifteen years people have been forcing him into an activity that is hastening his death, without his doing anything about it in all of that time, is both nonsensical and tragic all at once. Sic transit gloria etc

Da Avad Wudhi

ADI DA SAMRAJ: I feel isolated. I have nothing of a life that has profundity. My devotees are supposed to be cultivating the relationship and conveying gifts to Me.

Another year has passed, and still we have not accomplished anything. There is no recognition, no process, nothing happening, nothing fundamentally has changed.

In between My Sittings in the Chair, there is nothing to convey or to do with Me that makes it right. [July 5, 2000]

There is no response to My Literature. [Dawn Horse Press sales are very low.] Why should I even print it? Nothing comes of it. This gathering is not communicating any great message. There is no culture of recognition. I Sit and Work Spiritually, and you all do nothing in response. [July 5, 2000]

I never receive gifts, no real description of process, no real relating to Me and finding out what I want. Everything is always collapsing and there are no gifts. And I end up waiting while people are saying they are doing the things they have to do in order to get the gifts.

...I am not anywhere. I just sit and pretend. There is no real process around Me. What am I here for?

...It's the same dead pattern. There are no gifts. No one is creating the new pattern. I am still treated like an asshole.

...You are just enclosing Me in this theater of you all. There is nothing going on with the mission or My Literature. There is no event in the gathering. You are not creating anything.

...Truly, I am just serving a secondary, religion business function. I am a Face in the Chair to keep the religion business going such that it is. My Great Divine Work or Process is bullshit to everyone.

I cease to have the impulses to hang around even here. I want to get the hell out of here.

I have no inclination to go to the Hall. You don't give Me any reason. Why have people been so unresponsive to Me? Why is there such destruction of My Work?

After 30 years there still aren't any missionary results. So what is the source of this non-event? What is defeating it? Why are there no signs of this resistance changing? [July 25, 2000]

ADI DA SAMRAJ: You have not done anything in all these thirty years, and here I Am, almost sixty-one years of age, and I have seen that My Work has failed.

...I have been rejected. You have not accepted Me. This entire gathering has never come to a point of accepting Me. There is no response or recognition.

...You have wasted My Life -- My actual human Life. You have made Me into a cult figure.

...You have made Adidam into a non-event with your reactivity. [September 30, 2000]

{Late that night the shit started to hit the fan.}

ADI DA SAMRAJ: I just went into the gathering again for my sixty-first birthday, and I can no longer do it.

It was clear to me that it is done. It is completely done. I can never make myself available again to the world of beginners. It just cannot be done. It must not be done again.

I must be permanently set apart, from this time forth, in an established hermitage -- with access only as appropriate.

You must build me a temple. You all have such a habit of wrongly relating to me that you do not even understand what you are doing. Therefore, no one set me part and created the appropriate seclusion for me to live in. So I simply have to do it myself.

I will not tolerate anything else.

From now on, I will be intolerant about this. I am dropping the egg. This is a form of dropping the egg.

I evaporated at Lopez Island. And I am in a different form here now.

...I will never again set foot within the gathering in the manner I have done in the past. I will never again be available in the manner I have been in the past.

Access will only occur in a profoundly sacred environment, in a sacred temple where it is worthy for people to approach me based on their devotional recognition of me and devotional response to me.

And the people coming to me must be worthy -- truly worthy -- with the true gifts of practice and devotion and fulfillment of their responsibilities and obligations.

It is not appropriate for me to exist in interactive association with the Pan-Communion and the Ruchirasala any longer. Truly, it has not been appropriate for the last fifteen years, since my Divine Self-"Emergence" -- but no one has understood this, and they have required me to maintain this association with beginners, even to the point of near-death.

And I could feel the same symptoms occurring again because of my physical association with beginning devotees at the Mountain of Attention this weekend.

So it is clear to me that that form of directly interactive association with beginners is over -- it is done.

...For there to be access, it has to be a big deal. In other words, I have to be really set apart, and all of the obligations have to be really fulfilled relative to the Ruchirasala and the Pan-Communion.

And if they don't do it, I am not going to grant access and that is that.

I require big gifts, and these gifts must be brought to me in the context of my holy sphere, which is not a religion-business place -- it is a holy, sacred temple.


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