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Woodhill Diary

Woodhill Forest has been my preferred local walking area, and it's always changing, almost from week to week. Now that I've got the basics of the Short Loop Track on the site, this page will be devoted to what's current - what's in flower, what's been torn down, what birds are around, what's new from last time, what needs fixing.

Thursday 17 August 2006

Saturday 19 August 2006

Sunday 20 August 2006

Saturday 23 September 2006

Wednesday 4 October 2006

Tuesday 26 December 2006

Wednesday 27 December 2006 (Rimmers)

Thursday 28 December 2006 (Rimmers)

Sunday 31 December 2006

Thursday 4 January 2007 (Rimmers)

Tuesday 26 June 2007

Tuesday 19 February 2008

Monday 21 April 2008 (Rimmers)

Saturday 10 May 2008



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