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Pellaea rotundifolia
(G. Forst.) Hook. Sp. Fil. 2, 1858, 136 (Pteridaceae)

Button Fern, Tarawera, Round Leaved Fern, NZ Cliff Brake


Pteris rotundifolia Forst. f. Prodr. 1786, 79

Platyloma rotundifolia J Smith in J. Bot. 4, 1841, 160

Allosurus rotundifolius Kunze in Linnaea 28, 1856, 219

Derivation: Pellaea = dusky; rotundifolia = round leaved

This species is sufficiently robust to be a popular house plant.

31 December 2006, Woodhill Forest Nature Reserve, Woodhill

Here is the underside of the frond showing the marginal sori

31 December 2006, Woodhill Forest Nature Reserve, Woodhill


Information from NZ Flora

Family: Pteridaceae

(NZ Flora places Pellaea in Adiantaceae. Other systems place it in Polypodiaceae. Current thinking (NZ Plant Conservation Network) includes Adiantaceae within Pteridaceae)

Genus: Pellaea

Species: Pellaea rotundifolia


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