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Microsorum pustulatum (G.Forst.) Copel; Gen. Fil. 196 (1947)
ssp. pustulatum (G.Forst.) Copel.; Gen. Fil. 196 (1947)

Hound's Tongue, Kowaowao, Paraharaha, (Kangaroo Fern in Australia)

This species has been subject to extensive revision and name change.

In the fourth edition (1951) of Dobbie's New Zealand Ferns, Marguerite Crookes lists it as Microsorium (sic) diversifolium , (with Microsorium pustulatum the name assigned to the Fragrant Fern.) She notes Copeland's comment (see below).

Allan comments in the NZ Flora:

"Copeland (Gen. Fil. 1947, 196) considers the N.Z. spp. to "represent the most probable common ancestry of both sections," but refers them to Microsorium. After a careful discussion Pichi-Sermolli (Webbia 8, 1951, 222) places them in Phymatodes."

Phymatodes diversifolium was the name assigned to the species by Allan in the NZ Flora. Subsequently the correctness of the name Phymatodes was challenged and the genus was renamed Phymatosorus with the species name changing to diversifolius.

Subsequently, Large, Braggins and Green revised the name to Phymatosorus pustulatus

Subsequently, again, this genus was included within the genus Microsorum, and renamed, and it is as Microsorum pustulatum (G Forst.) Copel. that the species is listed in "New Zealand Ferns and Allied Plants" (Brownsey and Smith-Dodsworth)

Bostock and Spokes confirmed this in their recent review.



Phymatodes diversifolium (Willd.) Pic. Ser. in Webbia 8, 1951, 222.

Phymatosorus pustulatus (G. Forst.) Large, Braggins et P.S. Green

Microsorum pustulatum (G.Forst.) Copel.; Gen. Fil. 196 (1947)
ssp. pustulatum (G.Forst.) Copel.; Gen. Fil. 196 (1947)
ssp. howensis (Tindale & P.S.Green) comb. ined.

11 November 2006, Omeru Reserve, S.H.16, Maketu



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