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Leucopogon fasciculatus (G. Forst) A. Rich. (Ericaceae)


Epacris fasciculata Forst. f. Prodr. 1786, 13
Leucopogon fasciculatus A. Rich. Essai Fl. N.Z. 1832. 215
Cyathodes fasciculata (G. Forst) Allan comb. nov.
Leucopogon brevibarbis Stchegel in Bull. Soc. Nat. Mosc. 32, 1859, 14
Styphelia fasciculata Sleumer

Mingimingi (one of several plants bearing this name)

Definition Leucopogon: white beard; fasciculatus:in bundles (referring to flowers and fruit)

This species is another source of considerable argument, not just at genus level but also at family level. The NZ Flora assigned it to Cyathodes fasciculata in the family Epacridaceae. It was subsequently moved to the genus Leucopogon, still in Epacridaceae, and present consensus seems to be that the genera comprising the family Epacridaceae are more properly included in the family Ericaceae.

The photo below shows the longitudinal ribs which most easily distinguish this species from Cyathodes juniperina, and from manuka, kanuka, the totaras and so forth. It's berries are in clusters, generally, in our district of a clear red, as opposed to the opaque red, pink or white which characterise the berries of C. juniperina

22 October 2006 Omeru Reserve, Makarau

16 September 2006, Auckland City Walk, Waitakere Ranges:
photo by Miranda Woodward

There is a juvenile form of this species found predominantly in the Auckland area and not elsewhere. It is in all respects similar to the adult form except that its leaves are up to twice the size. In other parts of the country, juvenile plants have leaves similar to adult plants.

For NZ Flora species description: see Cyathodes fasciculata

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