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Hymenophyllum nephrophyllum Ebihara et K.Iwats. (Hymenophyllaceae)


Trichomanes reniforme Forst. f. Prodr. 1786, 84
Cardiomanes reniforme (Forst. f.) Presl

Kidney Fern, Raurenga, Konehu, Kopakopa

Derivation: Hymen = membrane; phyllum, leaf; nephro = kidney

This plant is listed in most reference books as Trichomanes reniforme, and was moved to the genus Hymenophyllum by Ebihara et al in a 2006 revision of the Filmy Fern family, Hymenophyllaceae. As the name reniforme was already in use in this genus, the new name nephrophyllum was coined instead.

The first two photos were taken at Woodhill Forest Reserve. Normally I would expect to find them beside a stream or relatively close to water, and I was surprised to find them in an environment that is predominantly sandy, albeit with patches of clay here and there, and which can get extremely dry in summer.

27 October 2005, Woodhill Forest Reserve, Woodhill

27 October 2005, Woodhill Forest Reserve, Woodhill

There are several colonies along the stream beside the Fairy Falls track in the Waitakeres. This one is growing on a fallen log that projects part way across the stream.

photo by miranda woodward
28 October 2006, Fairy Falls Track, Waitakere Ranges


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