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Cyathodes fasciculata (Forst. f.) Allan comb. nov. (Epacridaceae)


This is another case where the NZ Flora assignment has been subsequently challenged. The generally accepted name for this species at present is Leucopogon fasciculatus (G.Forst.) A Rich. (Ericaceae) and further information can be found on that page. (The genera formerly collected under Epacridaceae are at present included in Ericaceae.)

Allan comments in the NZ Flora:

For the N.Z. spp. I have been unable to find any important clear-cut differences between those assigned by Cheeseman to Cyathodes and those to Leucopogon. The characters depended upon to separate the two genera are indicated in the following key:

Cyathodes: Pedicels with many ± persistent bracts; corolla glab. on upper surface or nearly so.
: Pedicels with few caducous bracts; corolla distinctly bearded on upper surface.

But several spp. do not fit at all well into this scheme.

NZ Flora references

Family: Epacridaceae

Genus: Cyathodes

Species: Cyathodes fasciculata



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