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Corokia buddleioides A. Cunn. in Ann. nat. Hist. 3, 1839, 249. (Argophyllaceae*)

Korokia taranga

Derivation: Corokia = from the Maori; buddleioides = resembling the genus Buddleia (leaves - flowers are nothing like)

Another controversial genus. Wikipedia places it in the family Saxifragaceae, in one article, and in Argophyllaceae in another. Salmon (The Native Trees of New Zealand, 1980), and Poole & Adams (Trees and Shrubs of New Zealand, 1964 ), go with Cornaceae. Wilson and Galloway (Small Leaved Shrubs of New Zealand, 1993 ), more recently, refer it to Escalloniaceae, as does a subsequent article in the NZ Flora dealing with the family Escalloniaceae. My preference is for Argophyllaceae, not because I know best but because I have found that by and large the most up-to-date information in New Zealand is available via the NZ Plant Conservation Network.

In a note in the NZ Flora article on Escalloniacea occurs the following:

Corokia Cunn. was treated by Allan (1961) in Cornaceae. Eyde, R.H., American J, Bot. 53: 833-847 concluded that Corokia is certainly not a member of the Cornaceae. It is placed here in Escalloniaceae although its affinities remain uncertain.

28 October 2006, Fairy Falls Track, Waitakere Ranges

28 October 2006, Fairy Falls Track, Waitakere Ranges



New Zealand Flora Information

Family Cornaceae, Escalloniaceae, Argophyllaceae

Genus Corokia

Species Corokia buddleioides



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