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Coprosma australis (A. Rich) Robinson in Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts Sci. 45, 1910, 408

Synonyms: Ronabea australis A. Rich. Essai Fl. N.Z. 1832, 265.
C. grandifolia Hook. f. Fl. N.Z. 1, 1853, 104.

Raurekau (Moore and Adams) Kanono (Salmon)

Derivation: Coprosma=dung smelling (not in this instance); australis=southern

21 October 2006 Omeru Reserve

Allan remarks in the NZ Flora that recorded variations in this species can nearly all be attributed to habitat, but records the finding by Mr J.H. McMahon of a specimen with it's leaves arranged in whorls of three.

21 October 2006 Omeru Reserve

21 October 2006 Omeru Reserve, Makarau

Unlike most coprosmas, it flowers in autumn.

26 April 2006 Fairy Falls Track, Waitakere Ranges

NZ Flora Information

Family Rubiaceae

Genus Coprosma

Species Coprosma australis

See also the Coprosma Key provided by Allan in the New Zealand Flora


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