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Carpodetus Serratus J. R. et G. Forst. Char. Gen. Pl. 1776, 34, t. 17

Putaputaweta, (full of weta holes) Punaweta, Kaiweta

Derivation:Carpodetus= seeds bound together; serratus=leaves with toothed edges

The longitudinal holes in the wood, frequently used as homes by weta, are in fact made by the caterpillars of the ghost moth, Hepialis virescens

The best local examples of this are at Omeru Reserve, Makarau, on SH16, where a largish tree is on the right of the driveway in, towards the bottom of the hill. Smaller juvenile forms are common along the edges of the creeks.

21 October 2006 Omeru Reserve Makarau, SH16

A juvenile example of this by the side of the creek is more bronze.

16 October 2005 Omeru Reserve Makarau, SH16

The juvenile form has more marked serrations. Here is an enlarged leaf from the above.

16 October 2005 Omeru Reserve Makarau, SH16

Here are some flowers. Note that they vary in petal numbers.

11 November 2006 Omeru Reserve, Makarau, SH16.

NZ Flora Information

Family Escalloniaceae

Genus Carpodetus

Species Carpodetus serratus


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