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Brachyglottis repanda J.R. et G. Forst. Char. Gen. Pl. 1776, 92. Compositae/Asteraceae(1)


Derivation: "Brachy" = short (not to be confused with "brachi = arm" ) and and "glottis" = tongue, a reference to the short ray florets. "Repanda" = bent back, turned up, undulating, referring to the margin of the leaves.

It is found throughout the Woodhill native bush reserve, but much more plentiful where there is some shelter from the westerlies and a bit of light to spare.

"Bushman's Toilet Paper!" I was told as a child by old Mr James, who was happy to conduct an inquisitive ten year old around his patch of bush and invite him back for a cup of tea and scones his sisters had baked.

And Mrs Bischoff-Madden in the big house at the bottom of the Pukeoware Hill, showed me a letter, stamped and posted, that had been written to her years ago on the back of one of these leaves.

27 October 2005 Woodhill Forest Reserve, Woodhill

Light shining through rangiora leaves:

27 October 2005 Woodhill Forest Reserve

Rangiora in full bloom

photo by miranda woodward Okura Walkway, Stillwater end, 8 October 2006

Rangiora up close

photo by miranda woodward Okura Walkway, Stillwater end, 8 October 2006

New Zealand Flora References

Family: Compositae/Asteraceae

Genus: Brachyglottis

Species: Brachyglottis repanda








(1) A new taxonomic convention required that family names be associated with one of the species in that family. As a consequence, Compositae was renamed Asteraceae, though permission has been given for either to be used.

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