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Blechnum fraseri (A. Cunn.) Luerss. in Flora 1876, 292 (Blechnaceae)

Maukurangi, Miniature tree fern

Derivation: Blechnum from Greek 'blekhnon', the name of a fern; fraseri - named for Charles Fraser


Struthiopteris fraseri (A.Cunn.) Ching;

Diploblechnum fraseri (A.Cunn.) De Vol;

Lomaria fraseri A Cunn in Compan. bot. Mag. 2, 1837, 364;

Spicanta fraseri (A.Cunn.) Kuntze

This one can take you a little by surprise if you are not expecting it or are not familiar with it. Suddenly, there by the side of the track is a miniature tree fern, from 500mm to 1.2m in height. In fact there's usually a little group of them along the path. The fronds are sturdy, and have a slight bronze cast.

9 January 2007, Long Road Track, Waitakere Ranges

9 January 2007, Long Road Track, Waitakere Ranges

9 January 2007, Long Road Track, Waitakere Ranges

It is found also in Indonesia and the Philippines. Apart from the above description, look for the small triangular teeth on the opposite side of the main stalk from the pinna.


NZ Flora Information

Family: Blechnaceae

Genus: Blechnum

Species: Blechnum fraseri


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