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Links to Tramping Resource Sites

A no-holds-barred resource for women and tramping. Susan Devoy and friends set out to make it an adventure you have to be part of, with track information, events and challenges. Well worth a look.

This links to John Black's website, a mine of good information, especially with respect to the Urewera and Kaimai ranges. Dozens more links to be found here.

This links to Jon Povey's website. From his home page:

"Peak Bagging is an addictive pastime which involves hiking to every summit in a collection of mountains. In Scotland, peak bagging is known as 'munro bagging', and over 4000 people have completed the entire list of 284 Scottish munros (with many thousands more having bagged at least one or two munros). We fell in love with munro bagging during a walking holiday in Scotland, so we set about creating our own New Zealand peak bagging list!"

These three link to an excellent Australian tramping site. (They call it bushwalking and the Yanks call it hiking, but it's really tramping.)

Website of the NZ Department of Conservation. A wealth of information, but allow a little time to navigate your way around. You can use this website to book Great Walks.

Website of the Parks and Reserves Department of the Auckland Regional Council. OK track information for Regional Parks but gaps you will have fun filling in. (That's in part what Fathmandu is about.)

This one deals usefully with the tracks in the Egmont/Taranaki area. Lots for you to find out on your own, though. A blog dedicated to discussion about tramping ventures for all ages and sizes and conditions.



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General Advice:
Specifically oriented to the Heaphy Track but relevant to other long walks for beginners and older walkers

New Zealand Plants
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Links to Tramping Resource Websites