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Helensville Riverbank Diary

The Helensville Walkway is a project fronted by the local Lions, with well-organised community and Council support.

The project involved, first of all, clearing a huge accumulation of rubbish and weeds that had over the years generated an eyesore as bad as any I've seen, then landscaping and planting the riverbank and building a boardwalk to take the track past narrow sections where the river and the railway line left little room between them. In some ways it's been a metaphor for the new lease of life in the township in the past few years.

These photos were taken 3 November 2004.

The bare foundation was down. Today both sides of the track are lush with two years landscaped growth.

This section of the website is a record of growth and seasonal change.

Shag Pile: 21 August 2006

A Trinity of Duck

The Flowers That Bloom in the Spring, Tra La



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