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Connect Track (Piha)

This runs from Winstone Track downhill to Kitekite Track. Difficult to define but it has an "unloved" feel about it. It reminds me a little in this respect of the West Tunnelmouth Track.


Looking at the siting of the track on the map relative to the stream my memory of the walk has us approaching to within 5 metres of the stream edge just above the falls, so this may be out in some repsects.

There's something about this short piece of track that is slightly dry, slightly harsh, slightly brittle

It becomes a little more lush as we approach the Kitekite stream above the falls.

and quite soon we pass the junction with the Kauri Grove Track

Miranda follows the Kauri Grove Track across the stream looking for an interesting water shot

We follow the stream for a short distance before looping around in a wide descending arc. We can just see some deepish pools that, on a hot afternoon. would look very inviting.

Tree roots are a constant.

On a track like this, walking sandals don't really cut it.

The track continues downwards quite sharply, and as we approach the stream the bush becomes thicker.

Downwards and downwards

Alice zigzags back and forth between Miranda and me. Don't get the idea that Miranda is always in front. Just mostly.

As you can see it's been fairly dry. I imagine with a few days rain this could be very slippery.

We continue, picking our way downwards

Are you sure this tracks less than 400m long?

Well, I'll be buggered....

And here we are again, back at the Kitekite Track.

Fatman time twenty minutes, including time for photographs.



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