Will GE Solve World Hunger Problems?

Even Monsanto have stopped saying this.

World food supply problems are not related to production. Production is sufficient for at least the next twenty years, and probably more.

Problems relate to distribution of food, not production.

Problems also relate to the practice in many developing nations of turning land over to cash export crops that had previously been growing food for the local market. Export profits seldom reached the pockets of the great majority of the population for them to buy food.

No correlation between population density and hunger

from Roberto Verzola: THE GENETIC ENGINEERING DEBATE (rverzola@phil.gn.apc.org)

Surveying the globe, we can't find any correlation between population density and hunger. China has only half the cropland per person as India, yet Indians suffer widespread and severe hunger while the Chinese do not. Taiwan and South Korea each have only half the farmland per person found in Bangladesh, yet no one speaks of overcrowding causing hunger in Taiwan and South Korea. Costa Rica, with less than half of Honduras' cropped acres per person, boasts of a life expectancy -- one indicator of nutrition -- 14 years longer than that of Honduras and close to that of Western industrial countries.


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